The big Arabic day


he Saudi Student association will work with Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln to make an event called (the big Arabic day) it will take place in campus there are three sponsors for this event 1-University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Department of Modern languages 2- Middle East learning and cultural center, MELCC 3- DISC digital Islamic curriculum program. This event will be held in BURN 115. Thursday March 7. From 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m. The event will include a panel discussion (5:30 to 6:30) which it will be videotaped and posted as a UNL YouTube as usual. There will be a one power point presentation included. The overall recording will not exceed 40 minutes and we will have time for Q&A. There will be 6 panelists including the moderator and one GTA. Also it will include an Arabic calligraphy workshop, an Arabic singing and music workshop and a panel discussion about learning Arabic teaching methodologies and the learning practices. Ibrahim Khalylih, the founder and the CEO of Middle East learning and cultural center, MELCC inc, the only official distributor of al-lisan, the Arabic curriculum we teach at UNL has agreed to be one of the panelists and sponsors for this year.

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