With the motto of "We cooperate to build together" New team management for the Saudi student Association at UIS


In an atmosphere of friendship and love, a meeting was held for Saudi students at University of Illinois Springfield on Friday, 01/04/2016 in order to display the new management team program headed by Abdulmajeed al-Shammari. The students have watched and discussed the program during the meeting. Also, the volunteers' students during last period have been honored. In addition, the the association supervisor Ms. Jeannie Capranica have participated in this meeting. She delivered a speech to the students, and encouraged them to gain benefits from the services offered by the University to student organizations. She also asked them to cooperate with the team management of the Saudi Student Association. At the end of the meeting, some pictures have been taken for the purpose of anniversary. Note that the new team headed by Shammari was adopted by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission on Friday, 04/15/2016

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