Turki Saad Al-Zahrani

President of the Saudi Student Club, Virginia Tech Scholarship from King Abdul Aziz University to study for a doctorate in design and technology education, award President Truman Award 2009


+1 (202) 714-6619

About committee support

Committee of support and assistance was formed to support the forums of the Saudi students in the US based on decision No. 2 by His Excellency Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Chairman of the Board dated 01/03/1430 AH corresponding 02/26/2009 AD over a recommendation from His Excellency the Saudi cultural attaché in the US and Vice President of the Council, which aims to help and support the objectives of the heads and members of the administrative bodies in the Saudi clubs, including:
1. The decision of the committee’s membership is made by the Vice President of the Council based on a recommendation from the Assistant attaché for Cultural and Social affairs.
2. Members expertise gained through their management prior to the clubs to be shared with the heads and the members of the new administrative bodies
3. Visiting the clubs when necessary to resolve any problem may occur between its members assigned directly by the President of the Council based on a recommendation by his deputy or assistant for Cultural and Social Affairs.
4. A member of the committee and Support will be assigned to prepare a periodic report clarifying his achievements, vision and his proposals and the results of his follow up with the clubs to be sent to the assistant attaché for Cultural and Social affairs.
5. Members of the committee of support and assistance will take part in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the clubs to express their opinions on the issues sent to the Board.

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