But today we are in the era of relying on the Internet and social networking channels, we seek through this site to create a unified channel supports march scholarship Saudi scientific, cultural and social United States of America, and meet all the needs of counseling services and guidance. We seek through this channel to contribute to the activation of the role of student clubs and Saudi Arabia to achieve the main objectives of the clubs of the concept of management.

Ambassador of the objectives of the clubs

1. Enhance the value of the Saudi Student Club at Saudi students in American universities. 2. Achieve and facilitate communication between scholarships and student club in Saudi Arabia. 3. Achieve and facilitate communication between the club and the management of the Saudi student clubs. 4. Facilitate and accelerate the processes between clubs and Management (supervision and services). 5. Benefit from the employment of the clubs as an effective conduit for routing and service scholarships. 6. Give a unified model for volunteer work and student activities through clubs "for students on scholarships." 7. The site is the first channel and the official scholarships for students in the country scholarship.


Find a high level of administrative and professional standards for the practice of student activities in the Saudi American universities. As well as through interactive applications for the site clubs; to contribute effectively in the performance of student clubs transfer of radiant image of the homeland and the Saudi society.


Contribute to the preparation of a management model on the basis of distinctive and highly professional student activities at the cultural and social.

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