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Ibn Saud meets British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Ibn Saud met the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the Grand Hotel du Lac on the shores of the Fayyoun Oasis, fifty miles south of Cairo.

This meeting proved less happy and less productive than Ibn Saud's meeting with President Roosevelt. Churchill, who insisted on smoking and drinking alcohol throughout their discussions, attempted to link the assistance Britain had given to Ibn Saud over the years to the Palestine issue. He suggested that Ibn Saud should use his authority and influence to persuade the Arab world to accommodate Zionist aspirations. Churchill made no promises that Britain would temper its support for the Zionists with sensitivity to Arab rights. Ibn Saud found Churchill's views entirely unacceptable.

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King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud) attending official dinner with Sir Winston Churchill, Lake Qaroun, Egypt, 17 Feb 1945

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