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Abdul Rahman bin Faisal Al Saud (3)
In 1902, in a venture of extraordinary daring, Ibn Saud, Abdul Rahman's son, retook Riyadh and re-established it as the seat of the House of Saud. With Riyadh securely in his grasp, Ibn Saud sent for his father.

When Abdul Rahman reached Riyadh, he was warmly welcomed by the people as head of the House of Saud but, recognizing the outstanding qualities of his son, he at once abdicated in his son's favor. He presented Ibn Saud with the sword which had belonged to Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and had been kept by the Al Saud ever since.

Abdul Rahman retained the title of Imam but Ibn Saud was now the ruler of the House of Saud. Abdul Rahman, as Imam, gave his son unswerving support throughout the years in which Ibn Saud built his Kingdom.

In June, 1928 Abdul Rahman died in his palace in Riyadh. His loss was deeply felt by Ibn Saud.

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